Remodeling and Home Design

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Welcome to the place of one of a kind, high quality design, furniture, decor and a lot of more! Here are some words about my work.  

I'm Valter fon Eynik, woodcarver, designer, unique furniture creator.   All furniture and artwork creates from specially chosen wood with it's unique structure, which needs for each unique art piece. 

Some examples of my  unique art furniture

 I create unique, high quality and handmade furniture and artwork. I use only new materials, so all stuff works a very long time, and woodfinish is made by family recipe and based on natural beeswax. My work - it's a family style, started from 1700's and saving all traditons and high quality.

Shelves and stands

Oil paintings with hand carved frames

 I work with our family style more than 30 years. This is laborious work, I choose the most beautiful picture of the wood and then, hand carve each piece. So all my customers have one of a kind art pieces, made with love. 


   I don't do replicas and try to create the most interesting, one of a kind art piece.  Here you can see some work I've made already. There are not all my work, because, as I create only one of a kind art pieces, many my customers doesn't allow to show their work, so no one can to try to make replica. But from those work, which I post on this site, you can see that everything is unique, high quality only.

Prices for my work are calculating for each artwork. There are no basic prices for the work, because each order is creating, based on it's own type, measurements, details, material, additional details etc. Everything is discussing. 

Also, I have a Houzz page, where you can see my work better and imagine quality and prices, too, as I have some stuff posted in it's store. Here is the link to my Houzz page

Unique hand carved mailboxes and posts

Some information about approximate prices for unique hand carved mailboxes posted in the pictures gallery, too. Prices for custom hand carved mailboxes starts from $350, for the plain small size mailbox. Each mailbox contains custom build, hand welded plastic box, which prevents your mail from leaking and any weather. Each mailbox is a custom artwork, and we're discussing all details with customer before starting. Be sure, that your mailbox will be unique and has it's own wood beauty!

Shipping and handling

Shipping paid by customer, and calculating for each artwork, too. For not too big stuff we use USPS and UPS, For big packages, we work with private shippers, and taking care about each work very attentive. First, I create custom sturdy and  heavy packaging, and then, we're looking for the most affordable and  careful shipper. Anyway, we're discssing all questions to our customers, before starting the work or watching for delivery options. Be sure, that we'll figure all questions, which you'll have!