Our workshop works for churches more than 30 years, starts from Russia.

I've finished Moscow Academy of Muhina and Orthodox University of Zarizyn. We make everything for churches, here is our Features:

- Design of interiors and exteriors for future and now working churches;

- Church restoration, church sculptures - making and restoration;

- canonical Icons : Carved, hand-painted, print;

-lecterns of any complexity, the canonical tables, sacrificial altars and other, kiots any difficulty;

-iconostasises any difficulty;

-Chandeliers, Horoses;

-Wooden crosses, crusifixes, carved - pectoral, altar and altarpiece, gravestone crosses;

- Also, our store makes: pulpits, shrines, church pews, bishop's thrones, clergy chairs and other handmade furniture for churches;

-boxes for Holy bread and many other small religious things. 

For home use:

- shelves and angles for Icons, home lecterns and home iconostasis;

-Padding of religious books.

Prices are moderate and negotiable. We work with any kind of budget. Our quality don't depends from price and still high anyway.   Also, have webmaster's services of making church sites.